Tire Repair Materials


Tire Repair Materials


Popular Products


  • Rema Tip-Top Patches
    1. Seal-Elastic Temporary Repairs
    2. RAD-100 Series Radial Repair Unit
    3. Rema Red Edge Tube Patches
  • Rema Tip-Top Mounting Paste
    1. Cold Vulcanizing Fluid
    2. Pre-Buff Cleaner
    3. Special Cement - Blue
    4. Rim/Bead Sealer and Inner-liner Repair Sealant
  • Prema Patches
    1. Radial Repairs - Passenger and Truck
    2. Radial OTR Repairs
    3. Bias Repairs
  • Prema Cements and Sealants
    1. Bead Sealer
    2. Inner-liner Overbuff Sealant
    3. Ultra Fast Dry Vulcanizing Cement 


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